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Simulator Scripting Engine

The scripting engine is a power resource for mission design and creation. It gives mission builders access to lua functions to perform a variety of commands from displaying customized messages to controlling AI forces. See the Scripting Engine Introduction for more details in how the scripting engine interfaces with the mission editor and some basics on how to use it.


Singletons represent a type of object that have only a single instance. Singletons are grouped by overall functionality.













Classes represent the types of objects that could have multiple instances. Most objects you see in game belong to a class where data can be gathered on that object and commands can be executed.

Class Hierarchy


Enumerators is another name for a constant variable. Within DCS these consist of lua tables with specific values that never change. These values are either indexed numerically or by a string.












Scripting Functions

Class Functions

Singleton Functions

AI Tasks


Terrain Information

Scripting Functions By Patch

Other Documentation

Scripting Engine Changelog

Scripting Documentation Guide

This wiki also hosts documentation for user created scripting libraries.

Mission Scripting Tools Documentation

IADScript Documentation

Much of this guide is based on the Eagle Dynamics Wiki. Due to reasons, the editing of the ED wiki by non ED employees has been offline for a long period of time. The Hoggit wiki has served as a substitute, with more detailed and newly formatted scripting documentation available. The following links are provided as is and are to only be edited to reflect the ED wiki.

ED Documentation

Scripting Engine Links

Mission Scripting


Name Authors Dependency Acronym Description
Mission Scripting Tools Speed, Grimes none MIST
Mission Scripting Foundation BAntDit none MSF
Mission Object Oriented Scripting Evironment FlightControl-Master none MOOSE

AI Enhancements

Name Authors Dependency Last Update Game Version Description
Artillery Enhancement Script MBot none 06-23-2013 1.2.6 Artillery groups will function much more independent and will for example evade and return counter barrages.
Autonomous CAP and GCI AI fighter script SNAFU MIST 02-06-2014 1.2.7 Generates random aerial defense of both coalitions territories, including Combat Air Patrols that guard a specific area from air threats or interceptors that attack enemy aircraft that has been detected by radar when crossing the border between the coalitions.
Detection Script BAntDit none 12-08-2013 1.2.6 More realistic visual detection for SHORAD systems.
Dismounts Script MBot none 07-07-2013 1.2.7 Adds infantry that dismounts and mounts ground vehicles like Armored Personnel Carriers or Infantry Vehicles or trucks etc
FLAK Script Sithspawn, Stonehouse MIST 06-27-2014 1.2.8 Adds anti-air artillery barrages over an area
Ground Controlled Intercept (and divertable) RagnarDa MIST 07-08-2014 1.2.8 Launches and diverts interceptors/fighters on aircrafts detected by radar (AWACS or EWR). Includes functionality to divert AI aircrafts and steer player fighters.
Integrated Air Defense Script Grimes MIST 12-24-2013 1.2.7 Makes the SAMs and radar stations cooperate with each other to make life significantly more nasty for anything flying above.
Smarter SAM Prof_hilactic None 10-21-2013 1.2.6 Air defences with self-preservation. Will make the SAM operators try to evade incoming anti-radiation missiles by turning off their radars and moving a bit, as they would in real life.
Suppression Fire Script MBot None 12-13-2013 1.2.6 Makes ground units suppressable by firing on them

Gameplay Scripts

Name Authors Dependency Last Update Game Version Description
Anti-Submarine Warfare MBot none 11-03-2013 1.2.6 Search for and sink submerged submarines using sonobouys, torpedos and more.
Capture The Flag RagnarDa none 10-21-2013 1.2.6 Classic multiplayer game style where two teams tries to steal the other teams flag and put it in their own base
Cargo Sling load assistance spinter none 07-21-2014 1.2.7 Gives audio cues to the pilot when picking up and dropping off sling-loaded cargo.
Combat Search And Rescue/Slot blocking St3v3f slmod 08-06-2013 1.2.5 If a player is shot down, the client slot will be disabled until a CSAR picks up the pilot and returns him to an airpor
Complete Troops Transport Script geloxo none 07-12-2013 1.2.5 Pick up troops or logistics and transport them.
Cross-Country Racing Joe Kurr MIST 02-03-2014 1.2.7 Compete in getting from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.
Dynamic Extraction Team Spawning Psyrixx MIST 05-15-2013 1.2.5 Transport a extraction team that will disembark from your helicopter and go pick up an objective.
Dynamic Medevac Script RagnarDa MIST 01-05-2014 1.2.7 Rescue the crew members of destroyed ground or air vehicles.
Helicopter Script library wolle MIST 03-21-2014 1.2.7 A large scripting library with functions mostly related to helicopters, but also things like airsuperiority battle-generation and re-supply convoy generation.
Multiplayer Racing BB. MIST 01-05-2014 1.2.7 Create race courses to challenge your friends who is the fastest airman.

Scripting Mods

LUA Reference

Lua 5.2 Online Reference Manual

lua-users wiki

lua-users Tutorial Page