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[edit] Just released, Hoggit's DCS World Mission Database and Search Engine!

Find the perfect mission searching by damn near anything from data generated from mission files themselves. Check it out here. Menu is in the top left


All about DCS: World and its various modules. We're gathering all the information related to the game, its peripherals, its caveats and its quirks into this central repository in hopes that the World community will find it a valuable "one-stop shop" resource for everything you'd want to know.

Also included is all the information you need if you'd like to join us at Hoggit. We run the gamut from silly, to laid back, to training, and to serious missions throughout the week. Come talk to us over at Reddit!

Gettingstarted.png Beginners guide / Introduction to Hoggit, a nice little image put together by blackley1.

IRC channel, all are welcome and feel free to drop in!

Everything you need to know about DCS: A-10 and DCS: World

New player? Experienced player looking to help out? Tuesday Night Noob is for you.

Just what is DCS World? Find out here

[edit] Looking for info on setting up TARS?

Setting up TARS for in game communications

[edit] Manuals

Aircraft and DCS World Manuals

[edit] Tutorials and Information

How Fighter Jets Lock On (and How the Targets Know)

[edit] Modules

A-10thumb.png Systems Strategy Tutorials
Guides & Checklists
Ka50thumb.png Systems Strategy Tutorials
Mustang p-51d arp.png Systems Strategy Tutorials
UH-1H-Iroquois.png Systems Strategy Tutorials
Falcon.png Setup Systems Strategy

[edit] Environment

Editor icon2.png General Simulator Scripting Engine
Threatsthumb.png General Surface to Air Missiles AAA
Missions.png Multiplayer Missions
Airports.png Airport Charts (incl. Freqs, TACAN, ILS)

[edit] Setup

X52thumb.png About Peripherals and DCS: World Joystick/TrackIR profiles Building a Freetrack Rig Configuring FTNoIR PointTracker Exporting MFCD to a Nexus/iPad
Config.png DCS Configuration Hoggit Skin Pack

[edit] Contact

Hoggit is based out of reddit, come check us out at http://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit

You can also get us at #hoggit on freenode. Webchat


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