A-10C Tactics and Strategy

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[edit] Tactics and Strategy

[edit] GAU-8

Put the retical over the target. Hold Pac 1 wait for aircraft to stable and then shoot for about 3 to 4 second.

[edit] GBU-12

[edit] CBU Deployment

[edit] Supression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD)

Don't do this in an A-10.

[edit] Missile Avoidance

Deploy countermeasures (flares for an IR guided missile, chaff for a radar guided missile) then yank and bank like a bat out of hell.

[edit] Air to Air Refueling (AAR)

[edit] Dogfights/Air-to-Air combat

When flying the Hog, air-to-air combat is to be avoided. It's not a fighter and has limited air-to-air weaponry, as well as no on-board radar. This can make an offensive role in the A-10 difficult in the scenario. However, the aircraft does have a few tricks up its sleeve and it can be possible to at least manoeuvre your way out of a fight.

Though no dogfighter, the Warthog is still fairly nimble and can be thrown around the sky quite easily for the purposes of defeating enemy missiles. Your primary aim should be to get low - it'll make it harder for the enemy to spot you, and they'll find it hard to engage you at lower altitudes, where the Warthog excels. You don't have the power to climb out of a fight or to defeat missiles - use your CMs and positioning. If available, head toward friendly AAA - this should deter most enemy pilots from pursuing you.

If the enemy comes in closer, you can use his or her advantages against them! More than once has this author had an enemy shoot straight past his A-10 and into his AIM-9's detection cone! If this fails, you have a short amount of time in which to either try and lose yourself in the terrain, and thus baffle the hostile pilot, or direct an allied aircraft into an attack. If you have the latter option, try not to lose the hostile pilot! Your aircraft is survivable and can take a lot of punishment - use this to your advantage, but don't get sloppy: always be alert for missile trails and be prepared to hit the flares. And at all times, keep an eye out for your enemy's wingmen!

[edit] Brevity

Hearing funny words and confused? See a list here on the standard codes.


The most important one is calling "Rifle" when firing a maverick. This will trigger a missile launch warning on nearby A-10s which will likely begin defensive maneuvers. To prevent widespread panic, before launching the missile, call out "Rifle!" in Teamspeak. You are then free to release the weapon.

[edit] Third Party Programs

The TacView interface

TacView - TacView is a third party program that records and displays data from the previous missions. TacView can be very useful in analyzing missions outcomes and attack profiles.

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