A-10C Systems

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File:A-10C formation 104th FS Maryland ANG c2008.jpg
A-10C formation 104th FS Maryland ANG c2008


[edit] Navigation and Aviation

Cockpit - Familiarization and layout.

CDU - Finding your way around in the world.

About the EGI - Information about the integrated navigation systems of the A-10C.

Lighting - Interior and exterior lighting.

Up Front Controller - An easy and quick way for data entry and management.

HOTAS - HOTAS Controls and use.

Basic Flight

[edit] Tactical Systems and Situational Awareness

TAD - Information about the TAD.

RWR - About the Radar Warning Receiver.

HUD - Information about the HUD.

DSMS - Digital Stores Management System.

[edit] Communications and Data Sharing

Radios - Information about the A10 radios and radio usage. Very important for TARS and refueling.

Datalink - How to send tasking coordinates and sexy text messages to members of your flight.

[edit] Weapon and defensive systems

Bombs Cheat Sheet

Guided Weapon Overview

Unguided Weapon Overview


[edit] Avionics and flight systems

Fuel System - Information about the fuel system.

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